T3 Therapy

T-3 Therapy, or Three-Dimensional Therapy, empowers people to realize their full potential and the joy that comes from it. As a Certified T3 Therapy Practitioner, I work with the past to change the present so a person can create his/her future.

How a faulty core belief system gets formed:
A negative thought created in the conscious mind can get passed to the subconscious where it can get rooted as a faulty core belief. This negative belief, deeply planted, can grow into a system creating other negative statements. The subconscious mind makes no judgements about any thoughts it receives from the conscious mind and will seek to fulfill these statements throughout your life once they have been planted.

Did you know that a faulty core belief system can prevent clearing a heart wall?

How T3 works:

Using intuition and the Body Code System to clear negative energies that may be blocking a faulty core belief system, I am able to identify and remove one or more faulty core belief systems from the client using the Nikken Powermag.

Next, with the assistance of the client, I determine the empowering statements that will create the new positive belief system to replace the old negative one. The new system is put in one statement at a time using the powerful biaxial magnet

What T3 can identify and correct in the subconscious:

  • Faulty Core Belief Systems, changing to empowering belief systems, allowing positive change.
  • Inherited Faulty Core Belief Systems, breaking a chain of family behavior.
  • Obsessions and Sabotages, removing the subconscious obstacles that prevent success and abundance
  • Warped Core Desire, releasing the deep messaging in the subconscious that could be keeping your heart in prison
  • Vanishing Twin Syndrome, repairing deep psychological difficulties resulting from the loss of a twin.

The negative results you are getting in your life are primarily due to negative belief systems in your subconscious mind.