Peg Sutherland T3 Therapy

NOW BELIEF CODE CERTIFIED!    Did you know that a faulty belief system can prevent clearing a heart wall?

You are not alone.  People from all walks of life in every corner of the world have struggled to overcome physical and emotional challenges.

Let me use my training and certification in these three modalities to help you or your loved ones:

  • The Belief Code is an effective way to identify and remove faulty belief systems rooted from the past in the subconscious mind and to help you align with your highest self and move forward toward achieving your goals.
  • The Body Code, which allows me to open the door to communicate with your subconscious to check for imbalances.
  • The Emotion Code, part of the Body Code System – the true nuts and bolts of this cutting-edge work, which releases trapped emotions

Belief Code Testimonials


I was experiencing a lot of blockages to having success in my businesses, lots of really heavy dense fears, and childhood trauma. I found Peg and thought I would give her services a shot, and it was one of the best choices I have made in my life! She is an amazing gifted and talented healer. Within a few  Belief Code sessions I found that I was having more success in my businesses, more new opportunities coming my way, the fears that were getting in my way started moving out of my way, and I now find myself on an amazing path to major success, but not just in business, it had a domino effect on many areas in my life such as relationships with my wife, kids, friends, colleagues etc.. physical shifts in my health, and general happiness, inner peace, harmony, freedom and joy. I highly recommend Peg and her wonderful work.                                                                                                                                                 

K. F , Florida

” I was struggling with overwhelm, depression and lack of productivity. Peg removed core beliefs that were eating at me and blocking me from maximizing my potential. In just a couple of sessions I am much more productive. I am feeling better about myself and I am even relating to my kids better. Thank you Peg for your amazing work with the Belief Code!”